California Surfer Dudes Visit the Raccoons
     Bryan and Bradley Ferguson,  of Dana Point,CA, recently enjoyed breakfast with members of the Royal Order of Raccoons at the regular meeting site, The Big Boy Restaurant, Red Arrow Highway, Stevensville, MI. Bryan, a college student and a Certified Emergency Medical Technician,and his younger brother, Bradley, were visiting with Norm Ferguson, ROOR member and Jan Ferguson. Granddad Norm reported that the lads who are accustomed to surfing in the Pacific Ocean and surf boarding on very high waves, were not too impressed with Lake Michigan as a surfing venue since it  happened to be dead flat when they saw it.  The Raccoons were  pleased to have an opportunity to meet these two outgoing, polite, young men who responded to questions and thus helped the Michigainians  have a better understanding of life on the California Coast.


  Bryan         Bradley     Big Boy                 Norm
  Bryan    Bradley                  Dave             Ray