07 July 08
Local heroes identified.

30 August 07
Dave Rhodes picture added to Member list.

24 July 06  

21Mar 06
You can now use     www.royalorderofraccoons.com to access page.

16 Sep 05
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12 Sep 05
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06 Sep 05
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24 Aug 05
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16 Aug 05
We now have our own URL.  You can now get to the Raccoon page by entering
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13 Aug 09
Page Rescued!  and counter reset to ( 0 )

14 Aug 09
California Surfer Dudes added.
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23 March 10
New member Gene Wohler added.
21 September 11
Richard (Dick) Kramer went to be with God.
08 November 2011
Dr. Fred Schmidt  went to be with God.
18 May 2012  
Fred Barnes went to be with God.
07 January 2013
Bill Galbreath went to be with God.
26 March 2013
Ray Sreboth went to be with God.