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Dave Rhodes    
Dr. Fred Schmidt


              Why I am Proud of the Royal Order of Raccoons

     Remember those days at the start of school when the teacher required you to write an essay on such topics as, What I did on My Summer vacation, or Why I am so Glad to be Back in School, well, I now compelled to write one on the topic noted above, even though I completed elementary school more than seven decades past.

     Over the years, I have witnessed many examples of kindness performed by members of the ROOR, wherein they helped one another with projects, or problems, or offered advice when requested. On the Fourth of July, 2008, two members, Dr. Fred Schmidt and David Rhodes, played the part of, Good Samaritans, to the max!

     Dick Kramer, Dr. Fred, Dave and I, were in attendance in the crowded Lodge Hall, also known as the Stevensville Big Boy Restaurant, where the Raccoons have been meeting six days a week for some 20 years. Since the establishment is located on the busy Red Arrow Highway very close to an Exit/Entrance to Interstate 94, it is often crowded. Many Locals and score of tourists of all shapes, sizes colors and from various parts of the globe were enjoying the ambiance on a fine holiday morning. Just as we were about to entertain a motion to adjourn, Russ, the manager, approached our booth and inquired if we knew where a rental car might be available. He explained that a couple of patrons from Illinois experienced car trouble and needed to get to the Grand Rapids area.

     Soon, the lady in distress came over to explain the circumstances and to ask for help. We began to make random suggestions about possible resources but we learned the car rental agencies and repair shops were closed for the holiday. Dr. Fred made some calls to people he knew that might be able to help but to no avail. It soon became apparent that this was a difficult situation for the lady and her husband, both of whom could be described as very mature individuals.

The upshot of all of this resulted in Dr. Fred agreeing to get the car to his home where it could remain over night so that he could arrange for repairs when shops were open. Dave Rhodes, the Baron of the Baroda Alps, volunteered to drive the stranded pair to the Grand Rapids area, some ninety miles distant, where they could enjoy the holiday with relatives who would see to it that the folks could get back to this area to collect their car for the return trip back to Champaign-Urbana, IL.

     While 1 have not received word from either of the two Good Samaritans as to the conclusion of this episode, or details as to the status of the vehicle, or the condition of the stranded motorists, I do believe that it was a noteworthy act of kindness by two great individuals and they should be commended for their unselfish efforts. Not only are they fellow Raccoons but both are long time former colleagues of mine and I am very proud of them. Would that the whole world worked in the fashion displayed by these two Raccoons on Fourth of July!

Ray of the Raccoons
July 5, 2008

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